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We’re a professional team of trainers who understand health and wellness at it’s highest levels. We’re here to help you build your body to your ideal image while increasing your mental and physical health. You deserve a good quality of health to live the fullest life you can live! Key things to remember:

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    be patient
    Good things take time. Write your fitness goals down and look at them everyday. Stay consistent and your goals will be met. Fall in love with the process of becoming a fit and healthy. Results surely don’t come overnight. If you never give up, you will always reach your goals! Remain steadfast in your process and the goal is to BELIEVE you can do it!
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    train hard
    Start your workout with confidence and the hunger to own it! Know that you are going to make every repetition count. Stick with the plan and stay focused. Understand that every second of your workout is geared towards making you stronger and feeling good about yourself. Have fun with your training and keep in mind that YOU’RE ON A MISSION! 
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    be strong
    The whole concept of working out is based on “building”. Yes, it will burn a little, hurt a little, and you’ll experiance days of perhaps a little muscle soreness. You must use this feeling as motivation. This means that what you’re doing is working! Don’t allow the sensation to discourage you. Push yourself! Rise up to the challenge! Get out of your comfort zone to become WADESTRONG!!!

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Sheldon Wade, CPT-ACE

Personal Trainer

Sheldon Wade is an ACE certified personal trainer and a Co-founder of the WadeStrong ...

Ashley Wade, CPT-NASM

Personal Trainer

Detroit native, Ashley Wade is the Co-Founder of WadeStrong Fitness. She’s known for her effective ...

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Improve posture
Maintain your acid-alkaline ratio
Prevent cartilage and joint degeneration
Increase blood flow
Increase lung capacity
Enhance focus and flexibility