Stay Motivated in 2017!

The big 2017 countdown is almost here! Are you the type that makes new year’s resolutions? Or do you just let the year play out and go with the flow of things? I’ve been the type to do both and I have my reasons why.

I tend to get excited and set my resolutions in hopes of truly changing who I was in the previous year. Sometimes I’m successful but other times, shit happens. I lose my drive. I know I’m not the only one though. It happens to a lot of us and I see it on a daily basis at the top of the year. Being a trainer is one profession where you push others but you also witness other’s motivation. Sometimes they’re “in it to win” and other times they slowly lose it depending on what type of goal they’ve set for themselves. Then what ends up happening is the next year you say “screw it” and don’t make resolutions because you feel like you’re going to fail yourself. Yes, yes, yes…..I’m guilty of that too. No worries though! This is all going to change and here are a few solutions that can help us all!


Yes, its okay to set high standards for yourself….but KNOW YOURSELF! Are you a lazy person, always busy at work, “super mommy on the go”, etc? If you know your lifestyle doesn’t truly fit the path of what it takes to accomplish a goal, save yourself the headache or plan to make some sacrifices. To get what you want, sacrifices must always be made so get prepared;)

By being more realistic and truly setting a goal that’s attainable will bring you much more success and reduce the chance of you feeling down about not meeting your goal. Its okay if your goal is small…at least it’s something you can handle. Confidence soars once goals are reached, then you can set a bigger one from there and smash that one too! You see the trend here??


It helps to look at your goals! Maybe its your dream house, or dream job, perhaps that “vixen or athlete” who’s body is impeccable. You don’t necessarily have to want to mirror the images, but it’s a subtle reminder of what your mission is. Make a vision board….or a Pinterest board (if you’re into social media) Sometimes if it’s not in sight literally, we lose sight. Drive by that beautiful lake everyday that you want your family to have a boat on, or flip through healthy lifestyle magazines for that extra encouragement on how to live a healthier life….its so much better than relying on mental images. They say “take a picture, it’ll last longer” for a reason!

Tip # 3 Planning is Essential

A roadtrip isn’t successful without a map. Treat your life the same way and use your planner as your road map. Have a scheduler and put all your plans there. Plan out your week ahead of time and your chances of getting things done will be greater than going off the top of your head of what you think you have to do. Schedule workout classes, business meetings, play dates, meal prepping, etc and hold yourself accountable.

Tip #4 Get a New Look

This doesn’t mean go on a crazy shopping spree, but you think if you bought a cute pair of sneakers or fly workout gear, that it’ll just sit in your closet? I don’t know about you but I’m always anxious to wear something cool I buy. This is just another reason to do what you have planned…you have something to look great in while you do it! Find a reason to wear those new yoga tights! 😉


This one should be easy! Positive self-talk will help you conquer everything! Our words carry so much power and sometimes we don’t even know! Speak nothing but great things about yourself and put it in the universe. It’ll come back to you! Tell yourself you can do all things because the truth of the matter is WE ALL CAN! The key is that it all starts with YOU! If everyone believes in you but you, it doesn’t help. You must make the choice to believe in you and roll with it! Be your biggest fan! You are who counts, no one else’s thoughts and opinions matter because it’s not their journey, it’s YOURS. Don’t give up on yourself. Some things may take time but remember that you are a work in progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day!



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