Bundle Of Fitness: Bosu Ball Workout

I absolutely love working with Bosu Balls! They add a stability aspect to the workout allowing us to use our core more and recruit more muscles. The more muscles our bodies can recruit, the more calories we can burn. Our basis of stability comes from a strong core. Now of course with being pregnant, we lose a lot of core strength and our waist line just becomes a number we never want to see in our normal life! But we love our bumps and we should do everything we can to keep those core muscles strong to aid in the labor process. Those muscles will remai in tact and strong while carrying our munchkins with various techniques that don’t involve crunching.

Take a look at this quick workout!

(Allow the video to load and then follow the cues for each move!)

  • Side Lunges (10-20 reps)– Keep weight in the heel of the working leg. Knee should not extend over toes. Press hips back while keeping abdominal muscles engaged.
  • Pulsing Squat Shuffles (10 sets)– Allow weight to shift to heels. Squeeze the qlutes in every “up” position of the motion. Each side makes up 1 set.
  • Balancing Knee Tucks (10-20 reps)– One foot should be on the Bosu while the other is used to do the work. Lift arms over head, and pull the down as your knee comes up. Give yourself a strong exhale during the motion to contract the abdominal muscles.
  • Shoulder Taps with Walking Plank (10 sets)– This move can be done in a modified or full plank. Tap left and right shoulder then go down to forearms and come back up to hands. Make sure to fully engage abdominals and keep the hips from sagging. Allow right arm to lead 5 reps and then allow the left to lead 5 reps.
  • Single Leg Glute Press (10-20 reps)– Line the feet up with the knees and hips. Lift right knee, press left heel into the floor. Thrust through the hips lifting them up while kicking the right leg out and exhaling. Lower hips and bend right knee. That’s one rep. Repeat the designated amount of times then switch sides.
  • Side Plank Leg Lifts (10-20 reps)This is the modified version….a full side plank can be done to advance. Place the right knee on the floor and the right hand on the bosu. Extend the left leg straight out to the side and left arm over head. As the left leg lifts, side bend and reach for the left ankle, then lower. Switch sides.
  • Side Plank (20-45 secs)-Can be modified be dropping a knee to the floor. Place right forearm on bosu ball. Extend legs out and stack your feet or cross them on the floor. Lift the hips up and draw abdominal muscles around ribs. Squeeze the glutes to support the back. Repeat on the left.


Always remember to warm up, stay hydrated during your workout and stretch and cool down after! Great job keeping your body healthy and strong!




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