Don’t Dread The Sweat, Mama!

Sometimes being an expecting mommy can be tough. We have our moments when we are thoroughly exhausted, nauseous, moody and emotional. Then other moments when we feel like wonder woman and can take on any task. It’s a roller coaster and everyday we feel different. There’s one thing that helps our tough days….(well maybe not […]

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Stay Motivated in 2017!

The big 2017 countdown is almost here! Are you the type that makes new year’s resolutions? Or do you just let the year play out and go with the flow of things? I’ve been the type to do both and I have my reasons why. I tend to get excited and set my resolutions in hopes of […]

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There’s a WadeStrong Baby Coming!

  IT’S A GIRL! Yes, Its true! Ashley will be bringing a new little princess to the company! This means more insight for pre/post natal clients. Ashley is equipped with new Perinatal Fitness credentials through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Clients and followers will soon be able to enjoy workouts and health […]

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