Bundle Of Fitness: Tone Up While Pregnant!

We have our days when our energy is on “0” during pregnancy, which really sucks. There are some quick and easy things to do to help you accomplish your physical activity requirements for the day. We must workout at least 30 minutes a day as expecting mommies. This can be walking, cleaning the house, yoga, […]

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Ouch! Preggo Pains!!!!

Pregnancy is such a beautiful journey, but there is of course a little pain that comes along with it. What I have been experiencing lately being in my last trimester is pelvic and slight groin pains. The hormone relaxin causes softening in the ligaments, tendons, and muscles that support the joints. That’s why it is […]

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Foam Rolling

Most people stick to the gym class stretch you learned in third grade, but I’ve got news for you…. That may be hindering your workouts! Static stretching a cold muscle basically freezes up that muscle and alters your range of motion.If you decide to do static stretching, warm your body up first! Otherwise, your range of motion is

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