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Of all the hats we wear as women, how lovely is that of Motherhood! We carry our children, bring them forth and try our darndest to provide them with their needs and wants- all while managing a household and a healthy relationship with a spouse. Needless to say, this divine task becomes the center of a Mother’s Universe to which we often ignore our own wants and needs and deem this selfless. But could we be wrong?

Well, of course not wrong. But certainly there is room to suggest that we maintain a sense of self especially, in the matter and Health & Wellness. And yes, I get it.. “Where is the time for that?!”, you ask. But if the life we live and the children we raise are a reflection of what we are, creating a personal wellness regimen is vital to a flourishing family.

Consider these three pillars- the Mind, Body and Spirit. How much time are you dedicating to nurturing your pillars? Many moms can relate to letting our own needs fall to the waist side but here are a few simple practices to incorporate into the busiest of schedules:

mom over matter-Morning Meditation! Wake up early while everyone else is still asleep. Find a quiet, clutter free area to call your own. Close your eyes and focus on taking long deep breaths while clearing your mind. At first, you may find it hard to quiet your thoughts but no worries, just refocus on emptying your thoughts. 10 minutes will suffice when you’re just starting. After a few days, take it up a notch by adding 5 more minutes! Meditation relieves stress, may lower blood pressure and encourages self awareness.

-Walk it Out!
 After you’ve take a few minutes to still your mind, get that body in motion! Take a walk around your neighborhood. No need to make this a marathon.. Just keep a nice pace for a gentle cardiovascular workout. And if you are ready to pick up the pace to a run, do it! This make take 15-20 minutes and hopefully the kiddos are still asleep. Morning cardio, especially before breakfast is great for your circulatory system and helps burn more calories throughout your day.

-Prep Food! We won’t get into the many healthy food substitutes that contribute to healthy living- that will come. But for the sake of freeing your time, once a week, prepare 2-3 large meals that you and your family can enjoy throughout week. This will get everyone on a schedule and will be one less task you have to undertake after a long day. Just the thought of me coming home from work and only having to reheat dinner just made me smile.. Try it!

-Journal daily! Yes, I know.. You’re grown and your diary days are long gone. But this is actually a great mental and spiritual practice. Before bed, write your feelings or daily accounts in your journal. This allows us to release any negative thoughts as well as affirm gratitude for the day’s great moments. It’s also a great record of your emotional journey from day to day. Self-realization provides a sense of empowerment and control over how we deal with our environment and the people around us.

So there you are! Four practices that may contribute tremendously to your wellness!     These few changes made my life transformation possible, both physically and emotionally. And I understand that I will always be a student of life but at least I have tools that breed success. And if Mommy is happy, everyone is happy. Hopefully, these techniques transform or reestablish the “self” in selflessness. Oh, no Mommy, you can’t forget yourself because you are the center, the foundation, the Queen. Everything around you is an extension of you so with that said, take pride in putting your well being first!


Jaquai WadePearson
March, 28, 2016*


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