Ouch! Preggo Pains!!!!

Pregnancy is such a beautiful journey, but there is of course a little pain that comes along with it. What I have been experiencing lately being in my last trimester is pelvic and slight groin pains. The hormone relaxin causes softening in the ligaments, tendons, and muscles that support the joints. That’s why it is important to keep the pelvic floor and the muscles that support the hips strong.

If you notice that standing wide, long strides or moving your legs away from the center of your body causes a little pain in the pelvis and groin, try these yoga poses/stretches.

Eagle Pose

This pose draws the muscles and ligaments back in, rather than stretching and opening them. It also releases the hips which may help sciatica. The upper body portion of this pose relieves tension in the upper back and shoulders. Eagle pose requires balancing so your standing leg will also get stronger. Due to our core being compromised because of our bowling ball bellies, balance may be tough so leaning against the wall helps a ton!

  • Stand with arms by your side and bend knees slightly
  • Lift the right knee high and wrap your right leg over the left trying to bring your toes behind the left calf (your leg may not wrap behind and thats okay!) Check your balance and if you find yourself struggling, lean your back against a wall)
  • Wrap your right arm over your left, bringing your palms together in line with your nose. Sink deeper by bending the supporting leg. This will take a little strength! You can bring your hands in prayer if the arm wrap is challenging for you.
  • You can feel the space opening between your shoulder blades so enjoy it and breathe deep!
  • Try to hold for 3-5 breaths before switching legs and arms

Cow-Faced Pose

This pose will stretch the chest, shoulders, and triceps. It also helps to draw the ligaments and muscles in the pelvis and groin in.

  • Cross your right leg over your left leg with your knees stacked. (Depending on your flexibility it may be hard to stack the knees. Close to it works as well!)
  • Make your feet equidistant from your hips (if possible)
  • Sitting on blocks or a cushion may help bring more comfort in this pose
  • Reach your right arm up and back towards your shoulder blades, then reach your left arm down and behind you to meet the right hand (if you can’t grasp hands, use a towel, strap or band to make the connection)
  •  Take 3-5 breaths while bringing the elbows toward to midline of the body, keeping your head and neck and line.
  • Feel the chest open up!
  • Switch legs and arms

I hope you enjoyed trying these poses! Remember that keeping open hips is important. However, sometimes with the changes our bodies make for the baby, it’s good to relieve pain with counteracting poses to hold for a moment until you feel better!




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