Sweat It Out!

Treadmills are a common go to for cardio. I don’t know about you but I typically get bored walking/running on those sweat machines though! Thats when you have to get creative and switch up your typical cardio routine!

Seeing that I’m 7 months pregnant, running on the treadmill is out of the question for me! So if you’re like me, swap your old workout to this one! 

(Allow the video to load first then follow the cues below!)


  • 2-3 mins power walk/jog/run
  • 10 Lunges (R & L)- Keep your weight in the heels
  • Leg lifts 1 min Walking squats 1 min-Squeeze your glutes at the top
  • Pop out squats 20 (Modify by simply stepping out and in)-Knees should not extend beyond the toes
  • Side Lunges 10 (R & L)- Keep your weight in your heels
  • Backwards walk 1 min-Try to keep knees bent to keep the glutes and quads burning!
  • 20 push-ups-narrow/wide (Make sure treadmill is stopped for these)- Let the chest to fall between the palms on the wide pushup and for the narrow pushup allow the elbows to brush by the ribs

I did 4 rounds and kept my speed for the exercises between 1-1.5 mph. Choose a speed that’s comfortable and effective for you!

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